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Training program

Be There: Genuine concern, genuine action

When people think of being authentic, they think of sharing who they are. For every person who shares, there must be at least one who listens. Be There is about genuinely paying attention to people and responding when they need you.

Make Someone’s Day: Ask “What do you think?”

Authentic leaders are confident and honest, willing to admit they don’t know all the answers. They make it a habit to ask people for opinions and ideas. Besides providing the team with more ideas, it makes people feel valued and fuels their enthusiasm. It also is a great way to Make Their Day.

Choose Your Attitude: Know Your Impact

Real authenticity requires self-awareness. It means knowing who you want to be, what your values are, how you express yourself and how that impacts others.

Play: Learn and Grow

Life is about learning and growing. It demands change. To be the best version of you, you must be willing to stretch yourself, learn new skills and try new, even more effective styles of working with and relating to people.

Our Process

New partners are never thrown in the deep end too early when they are new to their position. They are always with a manager or mentor as they learn the ropes.

Wow  follows a Tell, Show, Do process. Tell is what is learnt in theory training. Show is when the mentor shows them exactly how to do something and Do is when the new team member does the action with the coach watching to assist, train and provide feedback. This is huge in building confidence and key skills.

Our commitment to promoting from within is a huge part of our culture, and has been since we opened our doors for business. We believe in developing our employees and rewarding them for their hard work. As a result, employees often stay at Wow for their entire career journey — enjoying a rewarding work experience where they can always count on taking the next step.

As a Management Trainee, you are the future of Wow. You’ll be given real responsibility – and be expected to own it. We’ll empower you to experience, explore and thrive. Our promote-from-within culture means you can have many unique careers all within one company. With support and training every step of the way. You just need to take the leap.

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